Tortilleria Nixtamal

understands the importance of using all-natural corn tortillas to make the best tasting and most healthy authentic Mexican cuisine.


Tortilleria nixtamal makes 100% corn products, no preservatives or additives, and prepares the best tasting and most healthy authentic Mexican food. We use simple yet flavorful ingredients to create deeply satisfying and healthy dishes just like you would find in any common Mexican kitchen




The secret is in our fresh ingredients!

The masa (corn dough) used at Tortilleria Nixtamal is 100% corn cooked the traditional ancient way every day in our kitchen/taqueria.

  • Our corn is non-genetically modified and non-transgenic. It comes from Rovey Seed Farm Company, a company located in Illinois that applies kosher-certified practices along with an unprecedented process for selecting only the best quality corn for nixtamal production.

We guarantee the freshness of our food by buying our ingredients from local businesses committed to sustainable practices and to providing only high quality products [read more]  

  • Our meat comes from our local butcher Franco's
  • Our fish is purchased at Astoria Seafood.
  • Our produce comes from a locally-owned Mexico distributor in Corona-Abarrotera Central- to create more of the authentic taste of Mexico (we are also looking to partner with local growers where it makes sense and as our business grows).

All of our dishes are inspired by recepies from our staff, based on the foods they prepare for their families in their own kitchens.

All our food is prepared with love and passion for the nutrition and satisfaction it will bring to our customers. Join us in a culinary trip to Mexico without leaving NYC!

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