Our food philosophy

Tortilleria Nixtamal believes in preserving the healthiness of all-natural foods. We do this by hand-making our dishes, as we do our tortillas, using only the most natural and nutritious ingredients, while also maintaining simplicity to enhance natural flavors.

As a result of these intentions, we adhere to the following:

We use 100% corn that is non-genetically modified and non-transgenic.

Our white corn comes from a family-run farm located in Illinois who applies sustainable and kosher-certified practices along with an unprecedented process for selecting the best quality corn for nixtamal production.


We make our salsas from fresh vegetables and natural seasonings (no canned foods or packaged herbs that contain unnatural preservatives and sodium).

It is common for Mexican cooking to use lard to flavor their foods. As such, Tortilleria Nixtamal uses only naturally rendered lard versus the highly-processed lard (the white and less expensive stuff) as the former naturally breaks down as the body uses it.

We use natural corn-oil with no hydrogenated fats.